When to See an ENT Specialist

An ENT specialist is a profession associated with your ears, nose, and throat problems. If you want to know more about an ENT specialist and are also experiencing problems related to these organs, it might be the right time to see an ENT specialist. When should you see a throat, nose, and ear doctor?

What is the role of an ear, nose, and throat physician? The role of the ear, nose, and throat physician is to deal with patients after a primary care physician has exhausted medical treatment. They often deal with people who have failed medical treatment with antibiotics or decongestants for sinus problems.

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They often do a standard check or what they call minimal invasive surgical procedures at their office, from the top part of your ears down to your thyroid regions. They also treat hearing loss, wax blockage, fluid in the middle ear, certain recurring ear infections in children, nasal valve collapse, nasal deviation, and chronic sinus problems.

One of the most common problems ENT doctors treat is sleep disturbance, including snoring and sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is often caused by various factors, from a blockage in the head and neck region. An obstruction often causes sleep apnea in the nasal, palate, or some of it is in the regions of the tongue. Ear doctors often work with neurologists to help detect which part of your ears, nose, and throat regions are being obstructed.


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