What You Need To Know About Immediate Care

Immediate care

If you aren’t already aware of the benefits from an immediate care center, you need to pay close attention. 24 hour urgent care centers are popping up all over America and for good reason. They provide medical treatment for conditions that require immediate attention but are not serious enough for a trip to the emergency room.

If your condition is minor but requires swift action, immediate care can help you more efficiently than the emergency room. The medical staff at your nearest urgent care facility are doctors and nurses trained to treat a variety of medical conditions, but more importantly, they can treat you rapidly without the hassle of a hospital emergency room. The Urgent Care Association of America reassures us that immediate care visits remain swift. The wait is only 15 minutes or less for 57% of patients and the entire visit is only 60 minutes or less for 80% of patients. When an allergic reaction crops up or you need treatment for a cough or cold, your entire day need not be wasted. Make sure you find urgent care in your area. Know where the local family walk in clinic is. More and more Americans are saving their time and health by using immediate care.

Emergency rooms are crowded and impersonal. There are certainly times when an ER staff is necessary, but with 110 million patients admitted the emergency room every year, some of those patients would be much better served by immediate care. Only 3 million patients take advantage of urgent care facilities. This number can and should grow to better serve the public. Not only would you be saving the ER staff for patients that truly need their help (think of the tragic cases you see on television ER shows), but there is more of a feeling of confidentiality at immediate care. They offer confidential std testing among their many services.

Too many Americans are not aware that immediate care may be their best choice. When a cold or flu crops up in the wee small hours of the morning, your primary care doctor need not be wakened by their answering service. Only 29% of primary doctors offer after-hours treatment, while many immediate care centers offer 24 hour urgent care.

Immediate care is the best choice for urgent, but less serious medical needs. The number of immediate care centers are growing. Find the one nearest you, and don’t hesitate to choose immediate care over the emergency room for minor medial issues. Great references here: doctorsexpressphoenix.com

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