What You Need to Know About Hair Thinning in Women

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On average, women suffering from thinning hair and bald patches are between the ages of 25 and 35. But the worst is that, at the age of 40, that’s when 40% of women will start to experience visible hair loss. As this may start to frighten, you need to understand that everyone loses hair. Yes! even those who appear to have a full head of hair. Hair loss, medically referred as Alopecia is a condition exhibited by excessive hair thinning. Though there are different forms of alopecia, the signs and symptoms are clear indications that your body is undergoing something, which doesn’t seem right.

The good news is that hair loss can be a long lasting problem, which very hard to remedy, or it can be just a temporary situation that can be easily fixed when its cause is realized. This is why hair physicians recommend immediately diagnosis in case you start to notice unusual hair loss. Unlike women, men may not feel the saddening weight of hair loss since it’s not actually their stronghold when it comes matters of beauty. Thanks to modern science, baldness is no longer an issue even with men. Hair rejuvenation for women is the new modern science that has restored dignity and beauty to most ladies who’ve been through tormenting hair loss period.

But why focus on the remedy, when you can understand the root of the problem and deal with it beforehand? Well, below are main 4 causes of women’s hair loss.

Hormonal Changes
Women are more often to experience hormonal imbalances than men. These changes in their body can result in temporary hair loss. Some example of the conditions that can lead to hormonal changes includes pregnancy, the onset of menopause or childbirth. In addition, thyroid complications may also be the root problem to excessive hair loss in women. Therefore, early diagnosis is recommended to curb the condition before it gets worse. Your doctor may suggest hair rejuvenation for women form of therapy.

Scalp Infections
Another cause of hair loss may be as a result of fungal infection. One common agent of scalp infection is a ringworm. When it invades the skin or scalp, it causes dry patches to form that in turn lead to hair loss. However, there are numerous medications to get rid of ringworms in your hair and when the medication is successful, hair generally grows back.

If you’ve ever undergone through radiation, you may notice your hair isn’t the same as it was before. This is because radiation can cause depletion of hair cells in the body. So, it causes hair loss.

Patchy Hair Loss
When you experience nonscarring hair loss, this could be a sign of serious immune attack on your hair follicles. When this happens, you head start to form smooth bald patches on the scalp.

While there are numerous causes of hair loss, women tend to experience different signs and symptoms. However, hair rejuvenation for women is a science that tries to address issues with hair thinning. It is somethin you could actually try.

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