What to Expect from The Activator Method for Spinal Correction

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Many individuals have praised the activator method as an effective chiropractic technique that restores spinal balance safely and successfully. The technique has experienced a surge in popularity in an industry where Americans spend about $50 billion every year for back problems.

What is Activator Adjustment?

Activator adjustment is the process of using a chiropractic adjustment tool (activator spinal adjustment device) to align and manipulate dysfunctioning joints. This activator should not be confused with a procedure that usually involves an assessment, mostly an analysis of the leg-length to find out when, where, and how to perform a chiropractic procedure, which usually comes before using the actual activator.

Licensed chiropractors or chiropractic students can purchase an activator spinal adjustment device, but the training and certification on how to use it are entirely optional. In this regard, there are many ways through which these practitioners can use the chiropractic adjusting instrument.

Why Do Chiropractors Settle for Activator Spinal Adjustment Devices?

As mentioned above, this method of back alignment is very effective. Chiropractic medical practitioners often resort for an activator spinal adjustment device with the two takes on the need for the instrument.

But first, the doctor has to check for spinal dysfunction or nervous system interference. Since the underlying principle of chiropractic therapy is centered on the alignment of the spine to prevent interference of the nervous system, the doctor will check for any spinal dysfunction before proceeding to use the chiropractic adjustment instrument.

If the doctor posits a more “joint dysfunction” approach to the matter, then the practitioner will proceed to have tests for spinal misalignments or analyze the patient for any loss of spinal joint mobility. In doing so, the doctor can establish where spinal adjustment is needed.

If the doctor takes a more “nerve interference” approach to the matter, then he/she will rely on tests that determine the presence of nerve interference. These tests include neurological analysis or leg-length reflexes, to name a few. The tests will give the doctor a clear picture of where to conduct the spinal alignment to mitigate nerve interference.

Both perspectives require the movement of a spinal joint to correct the issue in question. The only difference is that the correction of joint dysfunction will involve multiple thrusts in many areas to increase joint mobility while mitigating nerve interference, involves a one-time thrust.

Activator Methods Only Work When They are Used Correctly

There is no other way around it — the activator method doesn’t work when wrongly applied. There are specific protocols your chiropractor has to follow that are centered on neurological reflexes and the leg-length analysis technique to determine whether a spinal adjustment is necessary. It’s also worth noting that the activator spinal adjustment device can only allow one thrust on an area to offset the spinal alignment process.

It makes it all the more important to have a qualified practitioner conduct the procedure to ensure proper spinal balance. If you’ve had an experience where your chiropractor did multiple thrusts on one area using the device, then you probably didn’t undergo a correct or even effective treatment.

Activator Method Treatment Plan

Treatment via this method is regular and could even be done twice a week for the first six to eight weeks. How long the treatment lasts will depend on the individual’s response to the treatment and the severity of the person’s condition. The treatment will come to a halt once the patient’s conditions improve. If the method doesn’t work, the doctor could give recommendations on other treatment options because this failure could underscore more serious back complications.

The activator method is an effective method of treating back problems, but only if conducted by a certified professional using the right back adjustment tool. The activator method can also treat acute and chronic pain conditions which many people are likely to suffer from.

Remember to have a certified professional undertake the method if you consent to use the activator method for your back problems. Hopefully, the method works for you.


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