What Nasty Monsters Are Awaiting Inside School Systems?

Professional head lice treatment

When your children enter school, they become exposed to new bacteria, viruses and other dangerous microorganisms. While your children won’t catch everything running through school, it’s important to know what symptoms to look for in your children for any potential disease they encounter. This will help you find the diseases or infestations quicker. Some of these may require things like lice treatment places and doctors you should visit immediately.

  1. Lice

Currently, the CDC states that 6 to 12 million people are infested annually with lice. What’s worse is that over 60% of people have no clue they have it. This is what makes lice extremely problematic and lice removal is imperative for anyone. So, what are the best methods for removing lice?

Well, while there are a few home remedies, most have a low percentage of taking when it comes to head lice removal. Since your scalp can be infested with hundreds of lice, getting rid of the ones alive and thriving is difficult. Most have a short lifespan, so only around 10 are actively alive on your head at one time.

So, through the hundreds of dead lice you may see in your head, you have an exponentially low chance of picking the 10 that are alive in your head. But, what really makes these creatures effective is that they can lay eggs inside the hair follicle. The lice then put a sticky coating over it, to protect it from any water or other contaminants that could kill or suffocate the larva in the eggs.

Local lice treatment places are recommended for anyone looking for a fast, effective method of getting rid of lice. In the meantime, keep your other children away and don’t share any combs or clothing. Most lice are known for laying eggs inside fabric materials, so it can easily exchange from one sibling to the next. In fact, around 80-84% of children that have it, pass it onto their siblings.

Look for lice treatment places in your local area. This is the only want you can guarantee to get rid of lice in no time.

  1. Common Cold

The cold goes around multiple times a year. It’s so prominent during winter months, though, because most people stay inside. In large facilities, the virus finds many suitable hosts to attach too. This initial burst continues throughout the winter months, as people are confined inside with the very virus making them sick.

All common cold lasts for seven (7) days, regardless of any symptoms that may not be showing during that time. When you first detect your child has a cold, the best thing is to pull them out of school. During the first three (3) days, the cold virus is contagious while inside the host body. This can help prevent anyone else from getting sick from your child.

Keep your child as contained as possible for the next three days. Drinking plenty of fluids and taking cold medication is the best antidote for a child with a cold. While you may think supplying them with Vitamin C is important, there is no evidence to support that it helps fight off a cold.

  1. Flu Virus

The influenza virus takes the lives of thousands every year. It’s a step up from the cold virus in terms of severity and persistence. If left unattended, your child could fall severely ill and could catch pneumonia from a weakened immune system. The weakening of the immune system is what makes the influenza virus the viscous monster we know it as today.

Most often, the flu will show symptoms identical to the cold. However, if you notice the cold has only worsened over a day or two, it’s important to take your child to the doctor immediately before the symptoms begin to overtake them.

The hospital will administer the right prescription drugs to combat the virus, bringing your child’s health back up in no time.

Take These Precautions Seriously

Whether you’re looking for lice treatment places, a reputable doctor’s office or some over-the-counter medicine, it’s important to take these infestations and viruses seriously. They could help cure your child, getting them back on their feet in no time. Lice, colds and influenza are no longer a threat to us today with the right precautions.

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