What Issues Can a Shoulder Doctor Help You With?

In the video above, the reporter highlights the thorough process at a shoulder clinic. The shoulder doctor begins by asking the patient to remove their shirt, enabling him to observe the shoulder’s functionality. He instructs the patient to face the wall and then turn forward, carefully examining the shoulders’ movement.

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To assess the shoulder blades, the doctor prompts the patient to push against the wall gently. He inquires about any pain or tenderness the patient might be experiencing, noting whether they favor their right or left hand.

Moving through a comprehensive check, the doctor examines the patient’s back and hands, keenly observing any signs of discomfort or pain. He guides the patient through a series of movements, such as raising their hands toward the back and around the front, checking for any discomfort. The doctor scrutinizes the scapula’s appearance and assesses the patient’s mobility, instructing movements at varying angles to gauge resistance and strength.

Engaging in resistance tests, the doctor prompts the patient to resist certain movements, evaluating their capacity to withstand pressure. Special tests involve moving the arm in different directions and assessing the patient’s ability to push upwards with their palm raised. Throughout, the doctor meticulously evaluates the patient’s responses, aiming to identify any issues or areas of concern in the shoulder’s functionality.

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