What Is Memory Nursing?


Every year there are new innovations in technology that allow for new innovations in the field of medicine. The expansion fo these two industries goes hand in hand as they both enlighten one another and allow for doctors and nurses to improve the work of medicine in the United States and in other parts of the world. This has had an effect on the globe that now impacts the lives of many younger people.

As medicine improves, it raises the life expectancy rate for people that live on Earth. So now, people are living to be older than ever before because of how good the medicine is and the access that they have to great health care. So as people get older and suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s they are taken care of in nursing homes where they receive memory nursing.

In the year of 2012, there were over 22,000 people living in assisted living or in some other form of similar residential care communities in the United States. Other data has been compiled to reveal that over 50% of all residents in assisted living are over the age of 85. There is plenty of data to suggest that this trend is going to continue going forward and that there will be older people as the years go forward.

The average resident that lives in a nursing home for memory care will be a woman over the age of 87. They are mobile but will most likely need help with a few daily living activities with three being the max number. memory nursing is one of the most popular treatments to take place at a nursing home because it helps older citizens feel better as they forget things.

In 2007 there were 1 million beds available in assisted living facilities across the United States. By the year 2010, this number had increased to over 1.2 million beds available in assisted living facilities and this is because of the increase in popularity of memory nursing. Understand that the average age for retirement is around 63 years old and most people want to relax after they retire.

In order for a retiree to be truly happy, data suggests that the engage in three to four activities regularly. So even though most people think of retirement as doing nothing, it actually allows people to engage with their hobbies more. This can include any form of physical activity, fishing, or maybe even reading or writing. Keep in mind that just about half of all people say they enjoy retirement more than they ever expected they would.

A study was conducted in 2008 amongst seniors in terms of their social integration. This study revealed that seniors with the highest level of social integration experienced memory loss at half the rate as those who are not involved in any social spheres. So it is recommended that senior citizens remain active and enjoy themselves to protect their health.

The size of most assisted living facilities can range and differ, with some facilities including 10 beds and other facilities including just about 100 facilities. Just about 40% of all residents in assisted living facilities get help with three or more activities in their daily living and just about 40% of these facilities provide some form of skilled care for their residents.

In Conclusion

As there are more and older citizens in America and medicine continues to improve, there is no doubt that there will be an increase in these assisted living facilities. Experts have collected plenty of data that suggests that this field of business is only going to grow and increase as time goes on. As previously mentioned this is due to the increase of senior citizens throughout the country. Without these people living longer, these types of buildings would not exist. For many older citizens, memory nursing is essential to their daily lives and this is a place where they can receive treatment.

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