What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

Sinuses can be a fickle thing to deal with. With so many ear, nose, and throat infections you begin to feel like you always have problems that just never seem to fix themselves. If you’re one of the 37 million people who are affected by sinusitis each ear than perhaps it is time to look into a better treatment that’s going to be more permanent than the medications that haven’t been able to touch what is going on within your ears, noses, and throat. Why not look further into balloon sinuplasty and see if it could be the fix that you need to get you feeling better and being more like yourself once again?

What is balloon sinuplasty?
Balloon sinuplasty is a sinus surgery that uses a small balloon catheter to expand a blocked sinus passage and to help to drain the mucus that has built up in those sinus passages. If you are suffering from chronic sinusitis symptoms and nothing has seemed to help you in the past to feel better or get over your blocked sinuses, than it means that balloon sinuplasty might just be the best ally for you to go down in order to make yourself feel better in the long run of things. Give your ears the chance to heal and the option to feel better faster.

If you are worried that you’re one of the only people who are finding themselves considering a balloon sinuplasty you couldn’t be more wrong. One in five individuals finds that they suffer from some form of sinusitis that cannot be treated by medication, antibiotics, or by steroids. If your doctor recommends surgery it means that it is in your best interest to have the surgery done so that you’re feeling better sooner rather than later. This surgery can get you back on your feet with a lack of pain. Considering how connected your senses are a balloon sinuplasty is a requirement to make you feel better and get back on your feet.

Since gaining clearance in 2005 from the FDA 150,000 patients have found relief with having this minor surgery to make them better. Considering this type of procedure is a safe and effective way to feel better and to make sure that you are on the right path to solving the problems that have haunted you for months now. This type of procedure is common among those who suffer greatly from certain illnesses such as sinusitis and can’t seem to be treated with the typical medications and antibiotics that are often proscribed as treatments for many of these issues.

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