What Exactly Is Collagen Cream?

Collagen face cream

As much as some people would love to deny it, people age. When they inevitably do, they lose up 30% of their collagen, an elastic, fibrous protein found in connective tissue. This results in the development of sagging skin, wrinkles, and crow’s feet. People like to use natural facial creams to try to fight the signs of aging, but unless they’re using collagen skin cream, the effects won’t be the same.

It’s important that you educate yourself before using pro collagen creams. Learning about how they’re used, their efficacy, the different types and the ingredient help you make an informed decision about whether to use them or not.

Depending on the cream’s exact formulation and purpose will determine how a person uses it. Generally, you can use pro collagen cream just like any other topical ointment. Normally, you’d apply it once or twice a day to the face, neck, and hands, since these are the most exposed and visible parts of the body. Some pro collagen creams have a special applicator sponge or brush, most kinds you can just apply with your fingertips.

Scientific studies have shown collagen’s and elastin’s importance in regards to the skin’s appearance and health. Despite this fact, one of the problems with pro collagen cream is that the molecules for each substance–collagen and elastin–are too large to be properly absorbed through the skin. Some pro collagen cream manufacturers have tried to get around this problem by breaking the molecules into smaller pieces. These are the soluble or hydrolized kinds of collagen creams. However, many will claim that these solutions don’t actually solve the issue.

One of the most effective and popular types of pro collagen cream is an anti-wrinkle cream, which improves the appearance of both deep and fine lines in the skin. Anti-aging pro collagen creams can also be used as anti-wrinkle treatments, but these specific kinds are primarily designed to make the skin generally more supple and radiant. Other types are designed to be used nocturnally, working during the alpha sleep cycle to restore the skin’s natural smoothness, flexibility, and firmness.

Apart from collagen, these cream will include other ingredients like keratin, elastin, water, mineral oil, retinol, hydroxy acids, copper peptides, cetearyl alcohol, glycerin, various extracts, linoleic acid, and fragance. The two most important ingredients of these are keratin and elastin. Keratin is combination of peptide proteins that helps the body to form collagen on it’s own. Elastin is a protein that helps tissues their shape after stretching.

With the best collagen cream, you too can defy your signs of aging. If you have any questions about pro collagen creams, feel free to ask in the comments.

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