What Are Your Current Weight Loss Goals?

Medical weight loss program

The frustration is too great.
After years of trying to lose the weight that you have put on during the time you have had three children, the frustration level is simply too much. You have spent years caring for the other members of your family, barely finding the time to even go for a morning walk. The refrigerator is full of kid approved snacks that do not appeal to you, yet you find yourself eating them any way. Your husband’s obsession with eating red meat is no longer appealing to you either, but rather than cook two separate meals you eat that as well.
This school year though, now that the children are back in school you are on a new mission. In your head, you secretly call it Mission Me. Monday morning trips to the grocery store find you filling the cart with items that look tasty to you, but are also healthy for you. Your schedule of house cleaning and laundry now includes two different 30 minute walking times. With the first one scheduled before lunch, you have the option of walking longer if you want, so during the first week of school you actually walked somewhere between 60 and 90 minutes a day. The weekend walks and menus are a little more complicated, but now that your family can see that you are making progress, they are willing to follow your lead when it comes to meal choices and getting outside for a quick walk around the park.
Could a Clinic for Medical Weight Loss Help You Reach Your Goals Faster?
Even with all of your efforts, however, the progress is slow. And while you are enjoying your new more healthy and active lifestyle, you really would like to see some faster results. A friend of yours suggested a clinic for medical weight loss and you have been interested in what you have researched so far. Surprisingly, when you mentioned the possibility of visiting a clinic for medical weight loss, you husband did not say no. In fact, he actually sounded supportive. He knows that you really want to lose this weight and keep it off and he likes the idea of you getting some medical supervision during the process.
Many weight loss programs are all about selling their clients expensive meals that often a disappointing combination of expensive and tasteless. A clinic for medical weight loss, however, can provide clients with a healthy combination of weight loss surgery options, exercise routines, and menu selection. In fact, some medical weight loss clinics allow clients to work with a personal trainer who will not only make sure that you are exercising correctly, but also help you plan snacks and meals that will keep you more healthy along the way.
A Plan Is Only as Good as Its Implementation
Did you know that typical American dieters currently make four weight loss attempts a year? Perhaps this should come as no surprise in a nation where as many as two in three adults are considered overweight or obese, a term that refers to weighing at least 20% more than what is considered a normal weight for your height.
And while many Americans struggle alone to lose the weight that they want to lose, a far greater number succeed when they are able to receive direction and guidance from well trained dietitians, doctors, counselors, and athletic trainers. A healthy team approach to weight loss, in fact, can be a transformative way to approach your day to day life.
What are you waiting for? Every day that you spend carrying around the extra weight on your body is another day that you are adding extra stress and strain on your heart. In fact, the latest research indicates that even losing 5% to 10% of your weight is proven to lower your chance of developing heart disease. And the diet and exercise that it takes to lose that weight can also decrease your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels.
Unfortunately, the longer you carry around this excess weight, the more stress you put on your heart, as well as joints like ankles and knees. Weight loss attempts can be frustrating, but so worth it!

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