What Are a Heart Surgeons Daily Responsibilities?

One of the main medical staff in a hospital is a heart surgeon. A heart surgeon has many responsibilities besides operating on patients. The video shows what a typical day for a heart surgeon is in a hospital.

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Most heart surgeons come to work early and leave late. Surgeries are usually scheduled in the mornings. After they’ve changed into their scrubs, they’ll visit the patients that are going to undergo surgery that day. Patients are usually nervous before surgery, so it’s one of the jobs of the surgeon to put them at ease. They’ll go through the process briefly again, though the patient is usually given a detailed explanation in the surgeon’s office beforehand.

The doctor will also check with the team to ensure the patient’s vitals were stable throughout the night and will also ask if there’s any cause for concern. The surgeon then heads to the ICU and checks on the patients there. They’ll also check with their team regarding these patients and ensure the treatment plan is on track.

Thereafter, the surgeon prepares to go into the theater. When the surgery is completed, they inform the patient’s relatives. The surgeon will next undertake additional office activities and paperwork before returning to patient rounds.

No two days are the same for a heart surgeon, and it’s a very fulfilling and rewarding career.


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