Urgent Care Gets You Back on your Feet Quicker

Urgent health care

Imagine not having to wait for hours in a crowded emergency room or pay the high co-pays that come with it. Thanks to urgent care clinics, a variety of medical help is easily at your fingertips. Urgent care facilities are filled with board certified doctors who can help you with a variety of medical issues.

Urgent care centers provide medical service for conditions that are not serious enough to warrant an emergency room visit, but which require rapid attention. Some of the conditions most often treated at urgent care centers include: sprains and strains; fractures; upper respiratory illnesses; gastrointestinal conditions such as food poisoning; lacerations; and concussions. Urgent care clinics are staffed by physicians and supported by nurses and physician assistants. 65% of urgent care clinics have at least one physician on site at all times.

Emergency room visits in the United States now number approximately 110 million annually. The crowding of hospitals have made wait times long and the time spend with the doctor too short. Fortunately, the rise in popularity of after hours urgent care centers has benefited the consumer. While the average price of an emergency room visit is over $500, the visit to an urgent care facility costs just over $100.

Urgent care centers represent one of the fastest-growing segments within the American healthcare system. One of the reasons is the low wait time when compared to emergency rooms. According to a survey by The Urgent Care Association of America, 57 percent of patients wait 15 minutes or less to be seen, and about 80 percent of all visits are 60 minutes or less. Urgent care clinics offer excellent hours as 70% open by 8 a.m. and 95% close after 7 p.m.

Urgent Care clinics are an important part of the medical industry today. People can enjoy high quality health care at a cost much lower than the average emergency room visit. If you are injured, try an urgent care clinic and you will be impressed with the results. More on this: doctorsexpressnewark.com

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