Urgent Care, Emergency Room or 911

This video will make you familiar with your local health care options. In this video you will learn that an urgent care center is distinct from emergency room care and dialing 9-1-1. Moreover, you will understand that what service to choose in what situation.

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As distinct from being different levels of the same type of care, emergency and urgent care is entirely different services. In the event of life-threatening symptoms or injuries, dial 911 or go to the hospital immediately. Patients with less serious injuries or symptoms can receive care at a VA facility or an urgent care center in their network.
Uncomplicated illnesses or injuries, such as strep throat or pink eye, are treated in an urgent care facility. When an accident, disease, or symptom is so serious that even a cautious layperson fears that waiting to seek immediate medical help could be harmful to one’s health or life, it is considered an emergency.
Severe chest pain, convulsions, loss of consciousness, heavy uncontrolled breathing, and severe burns are all examples of life-threatening serious illnesses or injuries. 911 or the local emergency department should be called for immediate assistance. Note that the VA can only cover emergency room care for a Veteran under specified circumstances.

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