Urgent Care Clinics Why They Are So Much Better Than the ER

Urgent care facilities

Urgent care clinics are easy, accessible facilities for your medical needs. Whether you are trying to find urgent care, immunizations, x-rays, blood tests, travel requirements, physicals, or other medical procedures, choosing a medical walk in clinic can be more preferable to the long waits at the emergency room.

For your convenience, here are three reasons why you should choose an emergency medical clinic over the emergency room:

1. Time: Many clinics offer after hours urgent care. If you are injured at night, for example, but are stable enough to travel on your own, urgent care clinics are ideal. Why wait hours in the emergency room when you can see a doctor immediately? Some urgent care clinics are open 24/7, and many others have very flexible patient hours.

2. Services: Urgent care units offer many of the same services emergency rooms offer. Whether you need a physical for a job application, an x-ray for a surgeon, an immunization for traveling abroad, or blood work for your primary physician, urgent care units can do it all. And unlike many emergency rooms, urgent care units usually have a prompt turnaround. The only thing better than a blood test is a quick blood test! Doctors can treat adults as well as the elderly and children. Some urgent care units specialize in immigrant care, providing services especially needed by immigrants such as physicals and immunizations. Interpreters are always on-hand for those not fluent in English.

3. Intimacy: Unlike in the emergency room, where a ton of doctors are constantly swamped with patients, urgent care clinics are minimally staffed, giving you a close, one-on-one consultation with your doctor or nurse. It provides individual attention that an emergency room does not always have.

So, we hope you take the information in this article in good health. But if you ever are in need of medical care and are able to travel by yourself or with the assistance of a friend, consider urgent care clinics. For more information, go online or ask a friend who has been treated in one. You won’t regret it!
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