Tips to a Healthy Diet

Alternative therapies for digestive disorders

Despite our best efforts, many people suffer from digestive issues. It has been estimated that that 245,921 people died from these issues in 2009. Many people turn to the Reams’ Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) to get the right health benefits from their diet. There are some other remedies that help people live healthier lives.

  1. Get more variety. Eating more variety can be helped with digestive health. When people eat a wider variety of foods, they can be healthier. People who are looking to have a better RBTI diet, eating more diverse foods can help with that. When you have a more varied diet, it is easier to stay by. More interesitng foods can make it easier for people to stick to a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Portion size does matter. When it comes to getting to a healthy weight or staying there, portion size does make a difference. Over the past few decades the amount of food that people expect at a meal have gone up a lotr. It is possible to eat too much of any healthy foods. When you are looking at different kinds of foods, it is important to look at the portion size for the foods that you want to eat.
  3. Get fresh foods into your mix. Fresh produce is very important to any good diet. Whether you are looking at a RBTI diet or not, getting fresh produce into your diet is always a good idea. Getting bright, vibrant foods into your meals will help you do a few things. In the first place, one great remedy for boring meals is to include bright and vibrant colors. These items also have a lot of vitamins that can help you be healthier. Often people try to stick to a diet with less than 2,000 calories. Including lots of colorful fruits and veggies can make that a lot easier. One thing that many experts recommend is to have a diet that is more colorful. One way to get that is to have more fresh produce into a person’s diet.
  4. Include more whole grains. This sounds harder than it is. No RBTI diet is really complete without the inclusion of oats, whole wheats and barley. To stay healthy, you should make sure that at least half of your diet includes whole grains. The fiber and nutrients they provide will do a lot to keep you healthy and also are great for weight loss. It takes longer for your body to process whole grains so you stay full longer after eating them.
  5. Pay attention to what you drink. A lot of people do not think about the high sugar drinks that they will have throughout the day. Sweet coffee drinks and sodas do have a lot of sugar and fat. It is important for people to recognize that the beverages they drink do have a lot of calories in them. It is easy to ignore these as contributors to a diet. This includes both the drinks people get at the local coffee places and the sodas people drink at home.

Eating a healthy diet is a lot easier than many people realize but it does take some work and effort.

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