Tips for Preventing Skin Dryness in Winter

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Winter can be a rough time even for people who don’t have naturally dry or sensitive skin. Almost everyone will experienced chapped lips, wind chafing, dry hands and itchy skin at some point during the coldest season.

Low temperatures, low humidity, high wind and indoor heating can all disrupt our skin’s natural protective barrier and allow moisture to escape. So what can you do to prevent this from happening?

Harsh skin care products can cause even more moisture to be lost and may even inflame or irritate the skin. This is especially true for harsh anti-aging serums, acne treatment products and skin rejuvenation treatments.

All natural skin care options are often a safer bet during the winter. For instance, products that contain olive oil (or olive oil itself) can work extremely well in the winter without causing irritation.

As hard as it will be when you come in from the cold, avoid long, hot showers. Quick showers in lukewarm water will be much gentler on your skin, as will washing your hands in lukewarm water. Hot water only increases dryness.

Wool clothing is another way many people combat cold, but sensitive skin tends to be irritated by wool, so it may be better to avoid it.

When it comes to chapped lips, avoid fragrances or flavored lip balms and chapsticks. They’re likely to do more bad than good. Petroleum jelly is often a gentler alternative and will restore your lips quickly.

Fortunately, you can worry less about any skin rejuvenation treatments you have scheduled. It’s often more practical to undergo skin rejuvenation treatments like chemical and laser skin peels during the winter, since it’s much easier to avoid serious sun exposure.

Still, if you undergo a rejuvenation treatment with the potential to dry out your skin, be sure to ask if there’s anything you can do to keep it moisturized.

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