Three Ways to Make Sleep Apnea Worse

Cpap nasal masks

Sleep apnea is a common problems that can lead to additional complications. CPAP machines can help reduce the risk of the complications if used properly. You can buy used CPAP machines, new CPAP machines, CPAP nasal masks, CPAP nasal pillows, and all the tools you will need for your new CPAP machine. However, many people do not use the CPAP machine to produce the best results for their sleep apnea. The CPAP machine effectiveness is only as good as people allow it to be. Here are the top three ways people are not using their CPAP machines properly.

1. People don’t use it often enough. An estimated 80% of the patients who identify as CPAP users do not use their machine regularly enough to protect them from sleep apnea side effects. After buying that new or used CPAP machine, it is going to waste if you then do not use it to help with your sleep apnea. Be one of the 20% of people that use their CPAP machine to make a difference with their health instead of the majority that do not.

2. People stop using it. An estimated 50% of people prescribed CPAP machines no longer use the machines after the first three weeks. This is even worse than the ones that don’t use it often enough. You have the equipment, you might as well use it. What can it hurt? Nothing, it can only help you to get a good night sleep.

3. People don’t follow the directions. The CPAP should be used 70% of the time for at least four hours each use. This will produce the best results and ensure the product continues to be covered by insurance. Not following these steps will make sure that new or used CPAP machine you bought will not be effective and will not be covered by insurance.

New or used CPAP machines can be used to treat sleep apnea. They are effective at preventing future complications and are often covered by insurance. But only if they are used correctly. Too many people do not use them for long enough, stop using them all together, or do not follow the directions. These problems only result in continued health risks and poor sleep for you and your partner. Don’t be like these people. Use your CPAP machine correctly and see the benefits for yourself.

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