Three Tips to Consider Before Your Physical Therapy Appointment

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Across the United States, physical therapy is becoming an increasingly popular method of helping patients restore mobility and recover from a variety of medical conditions. In fact, physical therapy programs have grown so common that some urgent care centers now offer physical therapy exercises, along with other new services like routine blood work, X rays and quick check ups. Designed to provide immediate, affordable care for non-life-threatening ailments, these medical walk in clinics have been found to offer wait times of 15 minutes or less for treatment. But while this convenience and accessibility can be extremely beneficial to patients, physical therapy is still a mysterious service to many Americans. How should you dress for your appointment? What physical therapy equipment will you be using? How soon can you expect to see results? To reduce this confusion and get the most out of your physical therapy, follow these steps before your appointments.

Write It All Down
Writing down any questions, concerns or pertinent information before your appointment can be extremely helpful to you and your therapist, especially if you have yet to begin therapy. Jot down some notes on your symptoms, medical history, family medical history, current medications, questions and more that you believe might affect your health or ability to undergo the exercises. This will help your therapist better design a plan and determine which physical therapy equipment you should and should not use.

Dress Appropriately
Because you’ll be exercising and using different physical therapy equipment, you should naturally wear comfortable clothes and shoes designed for activity. A water bottle and towel may also be helpful. However, you should also make sure to bring any implements that help your hearing, vision or daily health, such as your glasses, hearing aid, or other devices. While you might worry about damaging them, you will need to be working at full capacity to complete the exercises, learn, and help yourself heal.

Bring a Friend or Family Member,br>
Especially if it is your first visit, having someone you trust close by can make you feel more comfortable with starting a new type of treatment. Moreover, this person may be able to help you remember and relay important medical information, take notes on the recommended treatment and more.

Are you starting physical therapy at an urgent care facility or other medical center? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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