Three Tips For Making Recovery Easy

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A lot of people in the United States are in a lot of discomfort. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that at any give time, 7% of American adults are suffering from hip pain. Another 50 million of us have arthritis, and an estimated 80% of the population will have back pain at some point in their lives. Of those who do get back pain, a whopping 37% never even seek help from a professional! Thankfully, there’s something that can be done about a lot of these things. Healthcare professionals like orthopedic doctors can help with a myriad of spine and neck issues, laying out spine surgery options and physical therapy services, that can ease pain and return you to normal life.

For those who do seek out spine surgeons and find out their spine surgery options, recovery is always an important consideration. Recovery can take a while, but it’s worth it to eliminate back pain, hip pain, and even sometimes migraines, which afflict about one in seven people and are sometimes linked to issues with the spine and neck. If you’re considering spine surgery options, consider also preparing for your recovery before you even begin. Here are three practical ways to make recovery from orthopedic surgery as simple and fast as possible:

Research Convenient Food

You will thank yourself later if you take the time to find out your options before you go for surgery. Depending on your preferences, and your location, some grocery stores will deliver frozen meals and other convenience foods. Other won’t and you’ll have to buy in advance and freeze. Or, make it yourself. A few big batches of soups and chilies will not only be delicious and comforting, but nutritious, too.

Get Organized in Advance

You won’t want to move too much for a while, so think about what you’ll want near you. TV remotes? Charging stations for tablets or computer? Medicine organizer box? Brainstorm ways to make getting up and around as easy as possible. Silk pajamas slide nicely, and if you put a simple trash bag on the couch or the car seat to eliminate friction the slide will be easy no matter what you’re wearing. Consider bathroom solutions, as well, like a toilet riser or shower chair.

Plan Your Entertainment

You will be really glad for lining all this up while you are still looking into spine surgery options. Make sure your cable or TV subscription service is the one you want, and that the wi-fi is all paid up and you have the devices you want to stay connected with friends and family. Stock up on books and magazines, and load up your device with your favorite music and whatever game apps you like best.

These are just a few tips for making your recovery as painless and easy as possible. Most of all, remember that the recovery period is one of the final steps in returning you to full health and the active life you love.

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