Three Tips for a More Comfortable Pregnancy

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Did you know that, when you are pregnant, your body produces more blood? Your total blood volume will be about 50% higher, and your heart will pump out 40% more blood with each heartbeat. This is to ensure that both you and the fetus have adequate blood flow and oxgen.

It’s not surprising that many women complain about not being comfortable during pregnancy. It’s difficult to adjust to added weight that throws your entire body out of flux so that even just sitting down might require you to get creative.

How can you stay comfortable during pregnancy? Here are three tips.

1. Sleeping Comfortably

Most doctors recommend that pregnant women shouldn’t lie on their back to sleep after the first trimester, because the position can potentially result in a slowed blood supply to the baby’s placenta. For side sleeping, the body can be supported in various ways using pillows. Many women also prefer firmer mattresses. Lying on your left side increases blood flow to the kidneys and uterus.

2. Pregnancy Massage

Aches and pains are normal during pregnancy, which is why a pregnancy massage is on many an expectant mom’s list of things to do. Hot stone massages are a great idea for a way to relax the body and encourage healing. For some pregnancies, hot stone spa massages should not be performed in the third trimester because of the same issue women experience while lying on their back in bed. However, massage therapists with specific pregnancy massage tables can work on patients during the third trimester since they have supportive cutouts and pregnancy massage pillows.

3. Avoiding Nausea

Everyone knows that first trimester nausea is a common symptom of pregnancy — in fact, it’s often this discomfort that leads women to suspect they’re pregnant in the first place. There are many methods women can use to help cut down on nausea. High-carbohydrate foods can help eliminate nausea- — later in the pregnancy you can worry about keeping your diet more balanced. Keep sodium and spices at a minimum, and try to eat small meals throughout the day.

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