Three Reasons Why People Treat Their Addiction With Ibogaine

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If you’re just now hearing about the ibogaine addiction treatment program, you’re not alone. This treatment, which uses a natural West African root extract, is illegal in the U.S., and has only just started to gain attention on a wide scale.

However, ibogaine drug treatments are legal in many countries, including Canada and Mexico — and are proving to be incredibly effective.

There are plenty of reasons why ibogaine is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after treatment methods for people suffering from substance addiction, depression and more. Here’s a look at just three reasons to consider choosing this treatment program:

Ibogaine provides a fast, effective end to addiction symptoms

While there’s no cure for addiction, ibogaine is the only treatment that comes close to being a “cure.” Ibogaine drug treatment instantly puts an end to the cravings and withdrawal symptoms that make recovering from addiction so difficult for many. After just a few days of treatment, patients are able to begin a fresh, substance-free start.

Ibogaine is natural, and has no negative side effects

Another huge benefit of the ibogaine treatment is that it has no harmful side effects for patients. Ibogaine is a completely natural substance, and there have been no recorded deaths stemming from its use. For this reason alone, many opt for ibogaine over other treatments.

Ibogaine offers spiritual and mental benefits

During the typical ibogaine treatment, patients go on a spiritual, almost hallucinogenic experience that brings back past memories in vivid detail. This allows patients to gain greater perspective over their lives and the choices they’ve made that led to their addiction. As a result, many leave treatment feeling spiritually and psychologically revived, as well.

Has ibogaine therapy worked for you or someone you know? Have any other questions about seeking help at an ibogaine treatment center? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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