Three Reasons to Choose Urgent Care

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There are few worse things than suffering from an illness or getting injured, but trying to get treatment can be an added source of stress and annoyance. One model of medical care that is gaining in popularity in the United States is urgent care, and here are three benefits of choosing it.
They can treat your injuries
Most urgent care centers are equipped to treat a number of different injuries, not just coughs and sniffles. A recent study found that almost one in five ER visits could have been taken care of at an urgent care clinic. Things like deep lacerations, sprains, strains, and even breaks and fractures can be treated at urgent care clinics. In addition to injuries, some urgent care centers also offer routine testing and treatment as well as preventative care

It’s less expensive
Another benefit of choosing to go to an urgent care facility is that it’s much less expensive that going to the emergency room. In fact, the typical emergency room visit can cost up to 10 times a similar visit at an urgent care center. Going to the emergency room is typically an already unpleasant experience to begin with, but the hefty price tag is enough to avoid it in the first place.

It’s faster
Another benefit of going to an urgent care center over the emergency room (or a primary care physician’s office) is that patients are usually seen much faster than the hours it takes to be seen in the emergency room or the days it may take to see a primary care physician. Urgent care clinics usually accept walk ins as well as appointments which makes them — in most cases — the most convenient health care option.

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