Three of The Hottest Spring Haircuts

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A London hair salon was temporarily under fire for a controversial advertisement. Owners plastered a picture of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un onto a promotional poster, along with the words, “Having a bad hair day? 15% off all men’s haircuts through the month of April from Tuesday to Thursday,” CNN reported Tuesday. The pictured hairstyle, with two tufts of unkempt black hair sitting on top of closely shaved sides, was no “laughing matter” for North Korean workers at a nearby embassy.

Whether you consider the poster playful or offensive, one thing is certain. You don’t want your hair to get so out of hand, it becomes a marketing angle. Avoid a laughable haircut by keeping up with the latest spring hairstyle trends.

Short, Loosely Styled Bobs (Think Taylor Swift!)

A growing number of stars are opting for short to medium length hairstyles. Loose and wavy bobs are among the most popular; they are fresh, appropriate for spring, and relatively low-maintenance, too. Start the day by applying curl-boosting hair care products, and be on your way.

Jump On The Ombre Bandwagon

If you want to stick by your long hair, there are plenty of ways to keep it trendy and fresh. Jessica Biel, Olivia Wilde, and Leighton Meester are just a few of the celebrities wowing the masses with perfectly styled ombre locks. Ombre hair, hair gradually fading from a darker shade to a lighter one, is also a great way to experiment with new color. Instead of going completely red or blonde, try it out with an ombre style first.

Keep Cool and Trendy With A Pixie Cut

If you want to stay cool this spring, you might as well keep it stylish, too. Pixie cuts are still going strong — with top stars like Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Anne Hathaway sporting the trendy do. “The pixie cut is perfect for those with small faces, striking eyes and high cheekbones,” explains.

Get inspired before venturing to the hair salon. Start spring with a trendy new style, such as a cute, short bob, ombre locks, or a perfectly texturized pixie cut. Good refereneces.

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