Three Common Hair Restoration Methods

Hair replacement

In America, approximately 35 million men currently suffer from some degree of hair loss or baldness. Worldwide, 85% of men have obviously thinning hair by age 50. This would be particularly disturbing for many men considering half of a man’s hair must have already fallen out before it becomes really visible. Not willing to accept the hand genetics dealt them, many men turn to medicine to assist in hair replacement. Hair transplant clinics have increased in number over the years, but that has simply been a result of a rise in demand. For those trying to find a hair loss specialist in Los Angelas, there are Three treatments generally offered.

  1. Scalp Micropigmentation: The least invasive of the common treatments for hair loss, this procedure is actually a tattoo of the scalp. The purpose is to alter the tone and shading of the scalp, thereby making thinning hair less noticeable. The basic treatment costs around $3500, but there are many complicating factors that quickly make that price increase.
  2. Folicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS): In this procedure, the hair follicles are extracted by grafting a strip of the scalp, with the individual follicles collected after the procedure has been performed. It is an invasive procedure and general internet research on the cost of a hair transplant will present FUSS results ranging from $4,000-15,000, a cost that insurance usually does not pick up.
  3. Folicular Unit Extraction (FUE): This hair restoration procedure is performed with a handheld device that removes small grouping of follicles at a time, about four per extraction. FUE usually causes less scarring than FUSS because it is comparatively non-invasive, which also means the recovery involves minimal pain compared to FUSS. Until recently, researching FUE purely based on the question of the cost of a hair transplant showed FUE to be the costlier option. However, rising demand has lately brought down the price of FUE treatments.

Given the size of Los Angelas, a man seeking hair restoration will have a wide array of services and prices to choose from. What is most important is that he choose what is best for his needs.

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