The Most Effective Method of Addiction Recovery You’ve Never Heard of Before

Ibogaine addiction treatment facility

Though it’s a difficult subject to contemplate, much less discuss openly, addiction to substance abuse is a problem that affects millions of people and their families. Addiction can destroy lives and relationships with relative ease. The cause of this isn’t hard to pinpoint; through many interviews, addicts have confirmed that access to illegal drugs is readily available and often cheaper than the average case of beer. The search for the best method of addiction recovery is a task that has overwhelmed researchers for decades. Thankfully, an effective answer has been found in ibogaine drug treatment, available at a certified ibogaine treatment center or rehab facility. Before taking on this method, however, it?s important to know the most important facts about ibogaine and what it can do for addiction recovery.

1. Life Revaluation

Ibogaine, derived from the roots of an African rainforest shrub, has been in use with local tribes for centuries. Its usage for initiation rites and self-discovery translate well to addiction therapy in an ibogaine treatment center, as it prompts the user to look back on their choices with better clarity. This perspective allows the opportunity to understand where and why addiction might have started and how things can be rectified going forward. This dreamlike, hallucinogenic state makes ibogaine therapy perfect for addiction recovery.

2. Mental Chemistry Balancing

It perhaps comes as no surprise that heavy substance abuse can cause chemical imbalance in the brain, often prompting furthered use and strengthened cravings. Ibogaine addiction treatment performs a kind of ‘reset’ on the brain, helping chemicals go back to their original, healthy levels and shutting off any furthered mental need for addictive substances. This a tried and true method; ibogaine detox treatments has shown to reduce cravings after 72 to 96 hours.

3. Widely Available in Mexico

While ibogaine is still considered Schedule 1 in the United States (as many harmless substances are) as of 2009, it is unregulated in Mexico. This lack of regulation allows for any ibogaine treatment center in Mexico to provide as much of the substance as needed for addicts to healthfully curb their cravings and continue life unabated. It’s for this reason that a lot of people travel to Mexico to pursue a more holistic and effective method of recovery.

Many supporters of this method remain hopeful that the United States will see the benefits of ibogaine use and will make it available. In the meantime, making the trip to Mexico is well worth the time and effort for a better tomorrow.

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