The Facts and Stats Behind Your Hair (Or Lack Thereof)

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Your hair (or lack thereof) might be a touchy subject for you — and if it is, trust us, you aren’t alone. But the first step in figuring out what you can do to replace what has already been lost (and keep in mind, that might be as simple as gaining your confidence back rather than your hair) is understanding what the deal is with hair loss in the first place. Why does it happen at all? What can you do about it?

Currently, an estimated 35 million American men are dealing with hair loss issues. Even when it seems like you’re the only one, trust us. There are men all around you who have the same problems.

But despite this high number, only a little over 800,000 men seek professional hair loss treatments. Now, we know that plenty of men turn to those drugstore “miracle” creams, but we also know that those aren’t the most effective products out there when you really need to find effective hair loss solutions.

We know that anyone suffering from hair loss needs a treatment, and needs it now. If you’re suffering from chronic hair loss, research shows that you’re probably losing about 100 individual hairs per day. It’s easy to downplay the significance of this number, considering that the average person has over 100,000 hair follicles on his head. But 100 hairs, every single day, can add up pretty quickly.

Luckily, you have more hair restoration options than you probably realize. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of creams and sprays and conditioners that claim to work, but the majority of these products aren’t even approved by the FDA as legitimate hair restoration options. If you want to try them, by all means, go ahead — but be prepared to spend tons of money on hair treatments that probably won’t work.

Another option you have is to try out scalp micropigmentation, which is a hair replication tattoo. When you go with this treatment, you aren’t subscribing to a product that will “definitely” make your hair grow back. You’re simply choosing an option that’s proven to look natural and be well worth the cost.

When it comes down to it, hair loss is simply a result of your genes. And no product can change your genes (for now, at least…). But do you have to accept it without a fight? Absolutely not. Reference links:

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