The Era of Ineffective Antibiotics is Now

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Did you know that shorter, high dose radiation treatments might be the best option available for breast cancer patients? If you are looking for US health news, there are many available options. ABC, Fox, MedPage Today and Medical News Today all post daily updates about the latest in health research. Here are three popular health related news stories for this week, that you might want to check out.

1. Stephen Hawking Defends Right to Die

Physicist Stephen Hawking has endorsed the right to assisted suicide, as reported in new health news. Hawking has been on life support for the past several decades owing to ALS, a neurodegenerative disease. He lost his ability to speak without an electronic voice back in 1985. He agrees that necessary safeguards need to be in place, but people with terminal illnesses should be able to choose.

2. Unsanitary Dentist Linked to Hep C Outbreak

According to ABC health news, Dr. Scott Harrington, a Tulsa area dentist, has been found responsible for the first outbreak of hepatitis C among dental patients. His practice was shut down this past march when an inspection revealed major sanitation issues, such as the re use of needles and rusty tools. At least 89 former patients have now tested positive.

3. The Era of Ineffective Antibiotics

In breaking health news, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a warning that the beginning of ineffective antibiotics is happening now. About 2 million people every year now develop antibiotic resistant infections. At fault is the use of antibiotics in farm animals, as well as unnecessary prescriptions from physicians. Even though doctors know antibiotics don’t work against colds, viruses and flus, they often feel pressure from patients to prescribe them anyways. Some estimate that we could reach a point where many people die from simple infections, simply because there is no longer a way to treat them.

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