The Disadvantages of Surgical Hair Restoration

Female hairloss

Did you know that of those suffering hair loss: 60% would rather have more hair sooner than money or friends; 47% would spend all of their life savings on hair loss treatments if it meant getting a full head of hair back; and 30% would even be willing to sacrifice sex if it meant getting their hair back.

Naturally, such desperation would force a person suffering from hair loss to turn to some rather desperate options, regardless of how bad an idea they can be. Realistically, there are only a few safe and effective hair restoration options, like scalp pigmentation, which is basically a hair tattoos treatment. Most others are risky and expensive at best.

To help show you why it’s important to carefully review all of your own hair restoration options, here are a few disadvantages of surgical treatments.


These surgical hair restoration options are costly, because they require a high level of expertise to execute. In addition to the cost of surgery, such factors as the textural features of the hair, the availability of materials, and especially the extent of the hair loss can all drive up the cost of surgical hair restoration options.

Physiological Issues.

One of the physiological disadvantages is the removal of a significant amount of the dermis in order for implantation to be successful. The follicles would be more vulnerable as a result, because the scalp provides them with protection from trauma.


And do you know what the worst disadvantage of surgical hair restoration options is? The new head of hair might not even survive, which means these poor, desperate patients will have wasted their time, their money, and their health.

This is why it’s so important to really evaluate your hair restoration options. While there are successful treatment options out there, like scalp pigmentation, not all of them can be nearly as successful. If you have any questions about what your own hair restoration options may be, please feel free to ask in the comments.

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