The Benefits Of Natural Remedies

When you feel that something is wrong with your body, be it as minor as newly developed seasonal allergies or something much more significant, it is important that you seek medical treatment. After all, it’s far better to be safe than sorry. Though medical treatment by a medical professional is crucial, it’s also – in the case of many chronic conditions – worth looking into other supplemental methods of treatment and symptom management. One natural remedy, for instance, is an improved diet. As many diseases and chronic conditions have what is referred to as “trigger foods,” an adjustment in diet could be truly life changing for many chronic patients.

Colic is one such often chronic condition. Babies with colic and their parents alike are often at their wits end, as babies with colic often cry endlessly and are inconsolable, clearly uncomfortable and often in pain. An average baby with colic cries typically no less than three hours a day and often even more than that in some cases and cries in that way for at least three days out of every week for three weeks or longer. The goods is that colic is often resolved by the time that a baby is five months old. However, five months is a long time to live with and care for a baby with colic, and a long time for a baby to be that uncomfortable for that long.

Colic can be caused by a number of things, from allergies to breastmilk or a certain type of formula to a propensity to have higher levels of reflux than the typical infant. While there are medicines that pediatricians will prescribe in extreme cases, more natural remedies are recommend before that step becomes necessary. For instance, if a baby has developed allergies or sensitivies to the breastmilk his or her mother provide him or her with, it is likely that the baby’s pediatrician will recommend a switch to a specialty formula. It is often also recommended that babies suffering from colic sleep at a slightly elevated angle in their bassinets or cribs. In order to achieve this while still meeting all safe sleep guidelines, a small foam wedge can be purchased and inserted underneat the sheet and mattress protector, allowing the baby an increased elevation, beneficial for babies suffering from severe reflex, without risking dangers that could lead to suffocation.

Digestive disease in adulthood are also often common and for many it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the disease. Allergies – like seafood allergies, nut allergies, and other such common allergies – are one cause of chronic digestive problems, as well as food sensitivities, like in those who have celiac disease. In these cases, medicine is an important component of most treatment plans. For instance, when having an allergic reaction, it is important for those with allergies to have access to an EPI pen, which can keep an allergic reaction from becoming severe and even life threatening. However, most cases of food allergies and sensitivities can be majorly treated just by adjusting the diet of the patient. Many doctors will recommend an elimination diet. Throughout the course of an elimination diet, the patient eliminates all potentially triggering foods and slowly and gradually introduces them back in. This allows the patient and the medical professionals they work with to better target and eliminate any foods that may be the source of their digestive issues. As digestive issues impact the lives of as many as seventy million people living in the United States, eating a better, more specialized diet can help many to stay healthy.

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