The 3 Questions You Probably Have About Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

Cost of fue transplant

People can experience eyebrow hair loss for many reasons — scarring, over-plucking, medical complications and even psychological disorders that cause patients to compulsively pull out their own eyebrow hairs. There are a number of cosmetic products on the market to fill in this loss, but the only truly permanent solution is a surgical eyebrow restoration.

What Is Eyebrow Restoration Surgery?

The eyebrow transplant procedure uses one of two methods to collect donor grafts to be implanted in the eyebrow area: follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction. In the first, a strip of skin and hair is removed and divided into smaller grafts, whereas in the second, donor follicles are removed individually. In both cases, the grafts are then implanted into the prepared recipient site. The grafted hairs may fall out after the surgery, but the follicles will remain active and produce new hair on their own; hair fall is not a sign that the surgery has failed. Although the donor hair normally comes from the scalp, body hair can sometimes be used.

Is the Hair Regrowth Permanent?

In most cases, hair transplants are a permanent solution (although some patients choose to have more than one surgery in order to achieve more dramatic results). The results are also completely natural in appearance, since they use the patient’s own hair. The only important thing to note about eyebrow restorations is that when hair is transplanted from the scalp to the eyebrows, the hair will grow at the same rate it would on the head. This means that it’s necessary to trim the eyebrows more frequently after the procedure is complete.

Is the Cost of Eyebrow Restoration Worth It?

Really, this is a personal question anyone considering the procedure must consider for him or herself. The cost of eyebrow restoration will vary depending on how many grafts are needed to create the desired appearance, but is generally in the range of several thousand dollars. However, many people find that the confidence that is restored through a hair transplant surgery is worth the cost of a procedure. It’s also important to remember the ongoing costs of other methods (such as topical hair growth medications or cosmetic pigments) when comparing the prices of various options against that of surgery.

How much would you be willing to spend on an eyebrow transplant? Share your opinion in the comments.

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