Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men

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Do you think you might have symptoms of low testosterone, or Low T? If so, have you sought the advice of your physician or made an appointment at a local hormone treatment center?

What Are Symptoms of Low T?

Symptoms of Low T include feeling tired and fatigued as well as experiencing weight gain. Depression may also be a sign of Low T.

Other potential symptoms include cognitive issues, such as memory loss as well as trouble with focusing or concentrating. Many men may also experience a lack of sexual interest combined with performance issues.

Once men become 30, some may experience a decrease in testosterone of one percent a year. This does vary, however. When men are over 45, approximately four-out-of-ten will have Low T. It has been estimated that around five million men in the United States have Low T.

What is a Normal Testosterone Level?

These levels also vary between men and tend to fluctuate over the course of a day. In general, however, normal testosterone levels range between 300-to-1,200 nanograms per decliter.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Basically, hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, is intended to restore and maintain a man’s normal hormone levels. Furthermore, there are over 50 types available, including testosterone therapy.

What Are the Benefits of HRT?

While the benefits of HRT, including testosterone therapy, will vary, its intended purpose is to improve cognition and address emotional issues, such as depression. Furthermore, if can make a difference with sexual performance and interest.

Who Uses Anti-Aging Products and Services?

Men of various ages use anti-aging products and services, of which HRT is one. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, by 2050, the number of people over 65 will exceed 20% of the United States’ population. Currently, 13% of the United States’ population is over 65.

There is a global market for these products and services. According to BCC Research, in 2008, this market’s value was $162 billion, and by 2013, it was estimated at $261.9 billion.

If you haven’t been feeling as energetic as usual, and are experiencing other symptoms, such as depression and weight gain, it’s important to visit a doctor to rule out causes other than Low T. Once you are tested, and it is determined that you would benefit from HRT, there are a variety of hormone replacement treatment options.

When you visit a hormone replacement center, your clinician will explain your low testosterone treatment options. Furthermore, you can ask questions about the hormone replacement therapy process at this time. Your clinician will also be able to explain the specific benefits of hormone replacement therapy in greater detail, including testosterone therapy.

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