Proton Therapy The Basics everyone should know before beginning this therapy

A cancer diagnosis can make it seem as if your world has completely stopped moving. From breast cancer care to prostate cancer options the word cancer can be a life altering word. Where do you go when you feel like the world has fallen apart and you aren’t sure where to begin? What options are available to you when you need to figure out how to treat prostate cancer and quickly? Let’s go through one of your options. That option being proton treatment. What is proton treatment and how can this treatment benefit you. Before you find yourself in the middle of any more stress, look into treating prostate cancer options for and how proton treatment could possibly be one of your best options.

What is proton therapy?

Also called proton beam therapy, this type of therapy is a particle therapy. With a direct precision proton beams are pointed directly at the cancer cells. It is alike radiation therapy however it is a more targeted approach than radiation. Unlike radiation, proton therapy targets the cells and tumors themselves without leaving too much damage to other parts of the body. This means that it leaves less of a risk of tissue and nerve damage. This makes it a great option of treatment of prostate cancer.

Researchers have reported that between 74% to 99% of men who have been treating prostate cancer with proton therapy have no signs of reoccurrence at their five year follow up. Also important along with the reduced risk for reoccurrence, 94% of men have reported that they have remained sexually active after treating prostate cancer. Proton therapy can be an alternative that many men look for after their diagnosis. One that can make you able to resume your life right where you left off before your cancer diagnosis, that is one of the most important parts of getting your life back together after any type of cancer diagnosis.

If you’ve been diagnosed with any type of life altering cancer then perhaps it is time you ask about the benefits of proton therapy and if it can be the thing that helps you resume your life cancer free once again. With cancer no longer part of your life you’ll be able to resume those parts in life that always mattered most to you and these days of worrying about where your life was headed can be just a thing of the past.

Proton therapy for cancer is changing the way people look at their diagnoses and making it easier for a positive outcome to be in the mind eye through treatment. If you or someone you know is diagnosed and proton therapy might be for them, have them consult a doctor and find out if these types of therapies could save their life and get them back on the road to recovery.

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