Proton Beam Radiation for Cancer Treatment and Breast Cancer Therapy

Cancer treatment therapy

As medical science advances, there are so many different options for cancer therapy and treatment. A breast cancer cure or a prostate cancer cure might seem far away but they’re not actually that distant given the strides being made in radiation therapy. The following list explores the benefits of a new type of radiation treatment for cancer called proton therapy which is a little different than all the other therapies that have come before. It stands ahead of these methods in safety and efficiency and is, all things considered, the smartest choice for treating prostate cancer, brain cancer and all the other various maladies that afflict good and hard working people today.

  • Conventional therapy is chaotic and messy. While trying to target cancer cells, it can spread wide and affect the heart, lungs, etc. This is difficult and costly for the patient. It can cause chronic pain and other sorts of fatigues that get in the way of the patient’s productivity. This isn’t the case with proton beam radiation therapy.
  • With proton treatment, the radiation is targeted precisely and specifically. The dosage is lowered, sometimes as much as 60%. The surrounding tissues react much better to this than they do being blasted with indiscriminate radiation from a random source. When dealing with radiation to the gastrointestinal tract, the dosage can be lowered around 59% from x-rays specifically. This marks a huge step forward for precision of treatment and the healing process.
  • Conventional radiation therapy, as opposed to radiation therapy, can vary in effectiveness depending on the area the patient lives. Instead of a breast cancer cure, she might instead be getting the regional-equivalent of a shrug and a ‘good enough’.
  • The proton radiation therapy market has grown by so many bounds and jumps in the last decade. In 2015, 30 or more clinics were open across the globe. 67,000 people or more have signed up for proton radiation therapy in Europe and Asia. In the United States, more than 31,000 people have undergone some form of the treatment. It’s being embraced as a medical revolution across the globe and helping all manner of patients, from breast cancer to brain cancer patients, achieve a state of inner peace that wasn’t possible before.
  • Conventional therapy treatments can be very long-range when it comes to time. Sessions can take months and months extending into years. This can sap energy and joy out of other areas of the patients life and degrade the overall quality of living in in the long term.
  • Proton radiation therapy is very different in this regard. The sessions typically only last 6 weeks, much shorter than standard radiation therapy. The sessions themselves are also quick and easy. The whole appointment only takes about 30 minutes. The procedure itself is only a minute at most and is definitely the most non-invasive cancer treatment. It’s simple and doesn’t take a long time, freeing the patient up to do other things. It isn’t all-consuming like the typical cancer treatment. It feels more like a breast cancer cure, a lung cancer cure, than other types of radiation therapy. It feels less like a stop-gap.

Doctors aren’t the only smart group out there. Patients are smart as well. They follow advice and studies that show where the best treatments are just like their physicians. Together, both doctors and patients can take the step and do their part to help in the fight against cancer with proton radiation therapy. It’s the most logical choice for the future. Lives are at stake, after all, and there’s no reason to stop the struggle now. A breast cancer cure is within everyone’s reach.

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