Private Drug Rehab Centers An Effective Treatment Option for Individuals with Dual Diagnoses

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Whether it’s alcohol, prescription and/or illicit drugs, it appears there are an increasing number of people living with and suffering from addiction. Furthermore, since many individuals with these types of addictions are also dealing with some form of mental illness, additional challenges are being faced as a result.

Treating substance abuse has currently cost the Canadian health care system approximately $8 billion. Every year, 47,000 Canadians die due to substance-abuse related issues. While there are public rehab centers available, private drug rehab centers have been shown to be more effective in treating addiction and co-occurring mental illness.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health conducted a study where it was determined that Canadians imbibe 50% more alcohol than the global average. Since alcohol is the third leading cause of disease and injury on a global basis, this points to the ongoing need to provide intervention, effective treatment programs, and post-treatment support.

While men tend to experience higher addiction rates than women, women do experience addiction. Data shows that female addicts are 54% more likely to die prematurely as a result of drug usage. Women, however, do tend to experience higher rates of anxiety and mood disorders than men.

Research has shown that when someone has a substance abuse issue, they are approximately 3 times more likely to have some form of mental illness. It has been determined that over 15% of these individuals have a co-occurring mental illness, and would be considered to have a dual diagnosis.

When individuals have a mental illness, they are also twice as likely as the general population to have a substance use issue. Data shows that a minimum of 20% of these individuals have a co-occurring problem with substance.

Since 70% of mentally ill individuals began to show indications of their issues during childhood and adolescence, it’s of vital importance that parents and educators learn how to recognize these signs. When left untreated, these children and teenagers may begin to self-medicate, which can potentially lead to a life of addiction.

When contacting drug rehab centers, you can learn more about the advantages of private rehab versus public rehab. You can also learn more about the drug rehab process as well as the various types of support services that are provided.

Since the drug rehab process will vary between public and private rehab centers, it’s important to take this into consideration. Private drug rehab centers provide more privacy, individualized attention, treatment protocols, and follow-up care than their public counterparts. They are also better equipped to treat individuals with dual diagnosis. Given the prevalence of substance abuse in the workplace, it would also be important to inquire about the drug rehab process in this regard.

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