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What is PiYo fitness? It is a workout plan developed by Charlene Johnson, a fitness trainer, that uses pilates and yoga to encourage flexibility and build muscle. Johnson says on the Beach body website, “I wanted to create a workout that would work for any age and fitness level.”

The program requires no equipment, and is designed to be used at home. As only about 20% of U.S. adults get the recommended level of exercise, says the Center for Disease and Control, an at-home sweat session could be just the thing.

Pilates and yoga are popular exercise methods in part because they are low-impact. This means there is minimal jumping around, an important consideration for some. The mindfulness inherent in yoga is sought out by many as an escape in our ever increasingly stressful lives. And the core-focused moves in Pilates are appreciated by those in desk-bound jobs with little opportunity during the day to use those muscles.

PiYo fitness DVDs are offered online, as one of the many beach body programs. The website is known for offering any fitness plan that can be done in one’s living room with minimal equipment. The workouts range from 25 to 45 minutes, depending if the day has cardio or body-resistance exercises scheduled.

The Piyo workouts fit within the CDC’s recommendation for about 30 minutes of moderate daily exercise. The way to tell if you are working out moderately or vigorously is the “talk test.” If you can speak somewhat comfortably, but not sing, you are exercising at a moderate heart rate. If you are nearly unable to speak due to breathing heavily, you are in the vigorous category and can ease up.

Regular exercise has known health benefits beyond physical appearance. Getting 30 minutes of moderate daily exercise lowers your risk of developing metabolic syndrome or diabetes. Despite this, the CDC estimates less than 5% of adults actually get that much. Programs such as PiYo fitness try to make it easier for people to get it done. But remember to always consult your doctor before starting any new fitness regimen.

When pursuing better fitness, remember to chose what you find enjoyable. There is a reason that so many adults do not make the time for exercise. We make time for the things we enjoy doing.

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