PiYo Diet vs Shakeology Challenge Which Plan Works Best for Your Lifestyle?

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The popularity of fad diets and weightloss plans are nothing new to the American public, particularly with rise of obesity in the past few decades. We’ve all seen the advent of things like the Atkins Diet, Slimfast, and so on. Recently, however, the focus on a central workout plan has been a notable change in the latest weightloss campaigns. Even with things like the piyo nutrition plan, exercise takes an important role. This is a positive trend worth noting as only 20% of adults in the US meet the CDC’s specifications for ideal aerobic physical and muscle-strengthening activity.
But how do some of these diet and top fitness programs stack up against each other? How does one go about picking the right program? Let’s talk about the specifications of two in particular.
Shakeology Challenge

The line of shakeology drinks is vital part of the several beach body programs, which combine fitness and diet changes. The shakes themselves come in packets that are mixed quickly in a blender, offering the same amount of vitamins as a fresh fruit smoothie as well as several others to help with energy and digestion. The challenge itself replaces one meal every day for 30 days with a shakeology drink. This diet plan seems ideal for a busy schedule, when there just isn’t time to always cook and eat a nutritious meal from scratch. The shakeology flavors are also very diverse, catering to many different preferences and dietary needs. As the CDC specifies that 75% of healthcare spending goes to preventable chronic diseases caused by diet, it seems important that health be extended to the people who don’t have much time in the day. Shakeology seems like a good way to do that, but how does it look against the piyo nutrition plan?

Piyo Nutrition Plan

The piyo diet plan makes a similar claim to be accessible to busy schedules while still allowing for solid meals. It requires more personal thought and planning to craft the right combination of diet and exercise, which may or may not be more of a draw. The piyo workouts are also unique in that they combine elements of Pilates and Yoga to make something most people may not have experienced before. The piyo program is therefore more of a personal responsibility than having one’s needs hand-delivered (literally), but some may consider the hands-on approach more their speed.

Regardless of what one chooses, it is undeniable that good fitness and nutrition are pivotal aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Considering that only 20% of adults can keep weight off after losing it, it is perhaps wiser to view any weight loss plan as a change for life than just a momentary fad.

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