Parenting Done Right Why Moms Love 24 Hour Virtual Doctors

Being a parent is hard, but it’s even more difficult when you have to navigate an endless stream of appointments. Now that it’s officially the new year, you’re likely experiencing a wave of doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, and other events clogging up your already busy schedule.

Luckily, any parent can benefit from the use of a 24 hour virtual doctor. Here’s why the busy parent loves relying on this form convenient medical care.

Because kids get sick…a lot

It’s estimated that even healthy children will get sick between five and seven times each year. Instead of wasting valuable time and resources whenever this occurs, relying on 24 hour urgent care can help diagnose your child and get them feeling like new again.

It simply doesn’t make sense to haul your child to the doctor each time they get sick. Relying on an online doctor is just as good as the real thing and it means you don’t have to get your child out of bed. Online doctors can even fill out prescriptions to ensure your child gets the best medical care possible. One less stop means that your child will get the care they need faster.

No need to herd your crew into the car

Did you know that the average doctor will only spend between 13 and 16 minutes with each patient? This is nothing compared to the time it took for you to button up your child’s jacket, herd them into the car, park, and sit in the waiting room.

Let’s face it: corralling your army of little ones takes time. And keeping them all entertained in the doctor’s office is a nearly impossible task. If you have multiple kids, relying on 24 hour urgent care is the most efficient way to get the medical help your family needs without disrupting your family. On-demand care means that you also don’t need to wait in the hospital for the doctor, keeping your other kids healthy in the meantime.

It’s for everyone, not just kids

Telehealth options are great for the whole family! If you’re a sick parent, you might struggle to leave the house. On top of that, you can’t leave your kids alone. Getting a prompt diagnosis from a Seattle online doctor assures that you’re able to take care of your kids, even if you’re feeling under the weather.

Relying on a virtual doctor as a busy parent is one of the best forms of convenient medical care. For more information on 24 hour urgent care online, contact MultiCare today.

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