Neurological Rehabilitation After a Stroke

A stroke takes place when there is an interruption or decrease in the blood supply to your brain. This prevents brain tissue from getting oxygen and nutrients. Brain cells start to die in minutes. It is a medical emergency, and it is critical to get immediate aid.

If you know someone who has survived this condition, you might see them unable to fully function.

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Some parts of their bodies are paralyzed and thus need to be rehabilitated. This process is called neurological rehabilitation.

The goal of neurological rehabilitation services is to aid a person in relearning skills that were lost after the stroke impacted a part of the brain. This form of rehabilitation can help a person regain independence physically and improve their life quality.

A person in need of this rehabilitation can hire professionals who offer neurological rehabilitation services. In this program, several exercises are done to achieve independence in movement. There are motor skill exercises, mobility training, and therapies such as range-of-motion therapy and constraint-induced therapy. Professionals can use technology for some of the exercises to achieve better results.


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