Myths Debunked by a Podiatrist

Podiatrists deal with feet on a daily basis so they know what’s true and what’s not. Here are some common feet myths debunked by podiatrists.

Pedicures gave me toenail fungus:
Essentially you can get fungus from anywhere, so this can be true.

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This doesn’t mean every pedicure will result in toenail fungus. Pedicures are meant to be done in a safe and sterile environment so the risk is low. If you need the extra assurance, you can take measures to make sure your pedicure is as hygienically safe as possible like bringing in your own nail polish. A little bit of caution and preemptive thinking is enough to prevent any chance of toenail fungus from a pedicure.

Cutting the sides of a toenail will prevent an ingrown toenail:
This is not true. When you cut your nail, you are supposed to cut it straight across. Cutting the corner of the nail will cause your nail to grow into the corner of your toe causing an ingrown toenail which can lead to severe pain and infection. Cutting it how you want it to grow will not cause it to grow that way.

Warts are caused by dirty feet:
This is not true. Warts are a virus which can come from all types of things. Viruses can hide anywhere including any kind of surface like gym equipment, pools, showers, etc. To prevent the spread of these viruses it’s important to sterilize any surfaces you are coming in contact with as well as wearing water shoes when using public, wet surfaces.

If you have any questions regarding these common feet myths, podiatrists are available to help.


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