Many Ways To Increase Your Chances of Success With Your Spa

A 2016 survey found that nearly 14 million people had used a day spa at least once in the past year. That’s about 6% of the adult population in the U.S. That’s not a huge number, meaning there is a lot of room for growth in the industry. To be able to grow your day spa clientele, you need to offer an inviting environment, and add services that are going to attract the largest number of people.

One of the most important things your spa needs to attract customers is an inviting environment. This means you need to have high-quality spa furniture and spa equipment. Spa furniture is mostly going to consist of chairs for pedicures and manicures, and those should be comfortable and look nice. If you offer massage, then you need to make sure you have good massage tables that are going to make customers feel comfortable.

Another thing to consider to boost the appeal of your spa is to add services. You figure most spas offer manicures and pedicures and perhaps facials and massage. You might also consider employing skin care professionals such as estheticians to offer things such as peels and botox injections. Waxes also are a popular option, as about 7.5 million Americans use waxing products at least four times a year.

The one other thing you need to help satisfy customers is a range of products to sell at a spa. If people are happy with the services you provide, they are likely to want to use the same kinds of products in their homes. Good choices for products to sell are nail and skin products. More than 100 million American women use nail products each year, and more than half the population uses skin products daily. You might also consider professional hair removal products Having these products for sale in your spa will help to keep your customers happy and also offer you chances for ancillary revenue that can help with your bottom line.

Owning a spa is a lot of work, but it also offers a chance to have a highly successful business. Having an inviting environment, offering as many ancillary services as possible and selling products that your clientele would want are all things that can help increase your chances of success.

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