Let A Back Surgeon Fix Your Cervical Radiculopathy (AKA Pinched Nerve in the Neck)

Spinal surgeon

Any Boise spine surgery that you plan on ought to come from a Bosie spine doctor or back surgeon that has been helping patients manage pain and heal injuries for many years. Degenerative disc disease is common in the aging process, and the changes it causes to discs that cushion the spine are normal. For as normal as this process of aging is, you do not have to resign yourself to living with back pain for the rest of your life once it begins. A back surgeon can help you solve issues such as osteoarthritis, herniated discs, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and kyphosis, all known causes of nerve pain in the spinal column.

Back pain is more likely to occur among patients who are not physically fit, though having a strong core of abdominal and lower back muscles may help alleviate back pain or prevent it altogether. There are other issues that you may experience with your back. Lumbago is a common form of lower back pain, and it is also the second most common type of neurological ailment after headaches.

Once you decide to visit a back surgeon, you may discover that the cost of their services are very high. If you have insurance that will help you cover these costs, inquire with your insurance agency about how to manage payment right away. If you are uninsured, try to find a back clinic that offers affordable rates for care.

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