Is DTS Spinal Decompression a Good Treatment for Your Back Pain?

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Research done by IBIS World has revealed that in the past five years, the physical therapy industry has seen growth of about 4.5%, and each year that industry generates approximately $30 billion in the United States. These statistics are an accurate illustration of the common back pain problems in America. If you suffer from back or neck pain, then you might have heard about a relatively new technology called DTS Triton spinal decompression. The name alone is intimidating, but this technology is actually a gentle and safe treatment option for many back pain sufferers.

Why would I need spinal decompression?

there are many options for the treatment of spine problems. Some of the the least invasive options include cold laser therapy, physical rehabilitation, and chiropractic manipulation. Riskier, and more invasive treatments include various surgeries designed to relieve pain and correct spine problems. You might need spinal decompression if other treatment options have been unsuccessful, or if your doctor believes that a compressed spine is a root cause of your problems and pain.

What are the benefits of DTS Triton spinal decompression?

The benefits that are most often reported include back pain and neck pain relief. The process stretches the spine gently, allowing any herniated disc materials to be pulled back in, increasing blood flow, and speeding healing. Through DTS Triton spinal decompression some individuals also experience sciatica relief, and increased mobility which allows them to undertake the physical therapy exercises that they need to strengthen the muscles in their back. Between 80% to 90% of the population will unfortunately experience a tension headache at some point in their life, but spinal decompression can be effective in treating this condition, as well.

Where can I get a spinal decompression treatment?

In the United States there are more than 300,398 people employed in the physical therapy industry. The wide availability of physical therapy treatments means that DTS Triton spinal decompression is likely available from a physical therapy and rehabilitation center near you. Spinal decompression is not a treatment that is ideal for everyone, and is especially not recommended for people who are pregnant, who have metal implants in their spine, or other certain conditions. If your doctor believes that you are a good candidate for spinal decompression, then it is worth looking for a licensed and experienced center with a DTS Triton machine.

You may find that combining spinal decompression with other therapies increases the effectiveness of both. Massage therapy is one option that can further improve the tissues and joints in your back by relieving stiffness and pain, and improving flexibility. Spinal decompression is just one of many treatments for back and spine problems, so it is important to evaluate all of your options before making a decision. However, for a minimally invasive and effective treatment plan, it is worth considering spinal decompression. Find more on this here.

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