Important Things to Know When Using Oxygen Therapy

When someone you know is told that they need oxygen therapy it can be a little overwhelming for them. After all, getting enough oxygen isn’t something someone needs to think about on a daily basis. Oxygen therapy can give people with various lung diseases new opportunities such as better sleep, being more active, and getting back to enjoying the things they love.

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There are devices for both home and travel to accommodate a variety of lifestyles, but this could also depend on the type and amount of oxygen you need. For example, some people only need it while sleeping or exercising, others will need it all the time. The device you receive is also based on insurance coverage and the type of oxygen therapy that your doctor prescribes. All devices have an oxygen flow rate that will be set by your doctor and oxygen will typically be delivered to your home.

Oxygen is generally safe, but there are a few safety tips to keep in mind when using it at home. First, keep your oxygen away from heat and open flames. This could lead to a fire in the home. Don’t use your oxygen around anything that could spark, or that is highly flammable. Keeping these tips in mind will ensure you have the most positive and safe experience with your oxygen therapy as possible.

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