How to Style the Room of Your Dreams For Less Using Refrubished Veterinary Equipment

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Modern day life comes with a lot of fancy bells and whistles that are meant to make life easier, such as smartphones, tablets, and smart watches, but all of this stuff is very expensive. These days stretching a dollar is more difficult than ever, and being on budget is no longer an option; it’s a necessity! And unless you’re a billionaire real estate and business mogul with a larger than life personality that plans on making America great again if they become president, the chances are that you didn’t receive a “small” loan of a million dollars to help you get a head start in life. But not to worry, there are plenty of ways to be fabulously frugal and still feel as though you’re living it up.

A great example of this is to get creative when it comes to your fashion choices. Who says that every article of clothing you have has to be a designer label or another expensive brand? Why cave into that kind of societal pressure? Sure, many expensive clothing labels do provide high quality clothing that lasts much longer than something bought at a massive retailer, but thrifty is now the new trendy. Thrift store finds are a great way to create a unique, designer inspired look for less — like, a lot less. And many thrift stores even resell designer label clothing from back in the day, which only adds to it’s cool appeal.

This same fabulously frugal mentality in terms of clothing choices can also be applied to interior decorating. Everyone has seen the glossy pages of interior decorating magazines that depict trend, perfectly styled rooms only to feel their heart drop when look at the price tag of the items. Ouch. Not to worry though, because there are several ways in which you can create a look that’s comparable if not even better than the looks depicted in these designer magazines with second hand items.

One of the hottest trends in interior design and decorating that’s been going on for quite some time now is using old medical and veterinary equipment as furniture, accent pieces, or simply as decoration. You may have seen many of these industrial looks in metropolitan style lofts. Although they tend to give off an air of expense and luxury, you can actually buy used medical equipment for sale quite cheap if not for free!

There are plenty of ways that you can style and use refurbished veterinary equipment such as veterinary tables and other items. For example, the stainless steel look of veterinary equipment makes it perfect for use as a work desk. Similarly, it can also be used a table for folding laundry or even as a trendy dining room table. An interesting way to soften or compliment the surgical — no pun intended — look of veterinary equipment is to pair with “warmer” items such as fresh flowers, inviting fabrics, interesting center pieces, and other casual or rustic touches.

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