How to Make Yourself Into a Slimmer, Trimmer, and Healthier You!

Finding a medical professional

There are few people who enjoy going to the doctor or going into a hospital for any reason, even if it’s just for a routine check up. The doctor or hospital so often signals something ominous to people. And, in some cases, it’s just that people know their lifestyle and practices aren’t healthy, and are dreading having to confront that when their doctor suggests changes. However, going to see your doctor is important — never understand the importance of routine check ups — and finding an OBGYN, good neurologist, or physician is something that will help you keep you healthy, conscientious, and alert. Additionally, finding an OBGYN or physician that you really click with can help make your experiences more pleasant and helpful. You should also take their suggestions seriously — they have your best health interests at heart. And with the slow but sure fattening of America, more health problems are likely to arise in the future. You don’t want to be one of them.
Oh Come on. Is Our Collective Health Really So Bad?
Unfortunately, the answer to that is yes. Although some people might be tempted to laugh it off and tell the statistics that it’s just a bunch of baloney, one in three Americans are obese and coronary heart disease kills almost 400,000 people every year. It’s a leading cause of death. Our sedentary lifestyles and tendency to grab quick meals (that are often fast food) are not helping us be a healthier population. On the contrary, it’s really hurting us.
Every year, over 700,000 Americans can expect to be the victim of a heart attack. Almost 50% of Americans have or do one of these three things: smoke, have high blood pressure, and have high amounts of LDL cholesterol (the bad kind). These are all major contributors to people getting heart disease. And over 80 million Americans have one (or more) types of heart disease.
The cure is simple: eat better, exercise more. Yet, under 5% of adults get 30 minutes of daily physical activity and seven tenths of adults don’t even exercise regularly. If you look at mortality rates and what causes them on a global scale, lack of physical activity is right up there. In both 2012 and 2013, the top ten leading causes of death were as follows: heart disease, cancer, lower respiratory diseases, accidental injuries that became fatal, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, the flu or pneumonia, kidney disease and (sadly) suicide.
Okay, So How Can I Lower My Risk of Having Heart Disease and Start Living Better?
Like mentioned before, the preventative measures really aren’t that hard. You should find a doctor you trust and do what they recommend, including taking preventative medicine. If you think your health is affecting your reproductive health, finding an OBGYN can help alleviate those worries or help you find next steps to take. Have questions to ask a physician when you get there for your check-up, to make it a fruitful and productive conversation.
Before you even go see your doctor though, start trying to exercise more. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take a walk at lunch. Go to the gym even once a week with a friend. Eating better doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love — there are plenty of ways to eat well and eat healthy. Finding alternatives and substitutes for unhealthy eating practices shouldn’t be too hard — it’s mostly a mental change. There are also plenty of diet books, support groups, and goal setting challenges that can help you feel slimmer, trimmer, and happier with how you look and feel. If you start by setting small goals for yourself for a healthy lifestyle, you’re more likely to achieve those than if you set big sweeping goals.
Finding an OBGYN and a good physician are two important steps to take in your life if you haven’t already. Perhaps more than anything else they provide a sounding board and words of advice or warning about your health. They’ll help you keep on track, champion your efforts, and make sure you’re the healthiest you can possibly be.

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