How Is the ACL Scale Used in Occupational Therapy?

The Allen Cognitive Levels Chart‘s (ACL) purpose is to help occupational therapists evaluate a patient’s cognitive and problem-solving abilities. Based on the assessment, the therapist can develop a plan to help patients develop these skills. The YouTube video explores the topic in more detail.

A Brief Breakdown of the Allen Cognitive Levels Chart

Occupational therapists use the ACL scale to assess patients to determine how well they think and solve problems. During the assessment, the occupational therapist will give the patient tasks to perform to determine at which level the patient is.

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These tasks include, among others, lacing up leather strips. The tasks get progressively more challenging as the patient moves through the levels.

The therapists will monitor the patient to see how well they perform the task, make decisions, and problem-solve. Patients are rated on a score from one to six, with one being the lowest and six being the highest. These scores help the therapist to develop a plan that helps the patient get better at performing everyday activities. In addition, the scores highlight which area the patient needs most assistance with and which they need the least assistance with.

The ACL scale helps therapists to help patients get better with thinking and problem-solving skills. The ACL is a valuable tool in occupational therapy. It guides intervention planning and helps patients achieve a higher quality of life.


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