Here’s How to Improve Your Health For Summer Weight Loss (Diet)

Summertime has long been considered one of the best times of year to get healthy. That being said, the season still comes with its fair share of challenges, many of them involving social influences. About 66% of Americans are on a diet, and if you’re one of them this summer, don’t worry — there are plenty of precautions you can take to keep yourself disciplined while making the most of your summer at the same time. Here are just a few dietary tips to help you stay ahead of your health goals this summer.

Stay Hydrated (But Not With Sugary Cocktails)

With summer comes the consistent urge to indulge in some fruity and delicious summery cocktails. One or two may seem harmless, and you have to stay hydrated, right?¬†Wrong. Even one frozen margarita or cocktail can add hundreds of calories. No one’s saying you can have a few drinks, but opt for tequila and seltzer on the rocks. And of course, alternate with glasses of water to stay hydrated.

Get Spicy

While this isn’t an excuse to devour a plate of hot wings every night, studies have actually shown some weight loss related benefits to indulging in spicier foods. First, capsaicin — the ‘spicy’ compound in chili peppers — helps to speed up the metabolism, helping you burn more calories throughout the day. Plus, some studies suggest that spicier foods can cause you to feel fuller faster and eat less as a result.

Have Caffeine Daily

Finally, similar to the effect of capsaicin, caffeine helps to speed up the metabolism, says Allure.

“Studies show that caffeine speeds up metabolism, as do coffee’s polyphenols, according to researchers from Japan’s Kao Corporation. Just remember that you can undo the effects if your coffee is covered in whipped cream and caramel,” writes Sarah Z. Wexler.

Approximately 80% of dieters are trying to lose weight on their own, but even with support, losing and keeping off weight can be incredibly difficult. If you’re finding it an ongoing challenge to get in shape, there are plenty of weight loss doctors in Delaware that can help you explore your bariatric surgery and other weight loss surgery options. For more information about weight loss doctors in Delaware, contact Nanticoke Health.

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