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According to a recent U.S. government health report, more Americans are making the effort to improve their fitness levels. Based on 150 minute of moderate activity, or 75 minutes of rigorous exercise, per week, 49.7 percent of respondents stated that they meet one of the above guidelines. The less encouraging part of the same report is that a disproportionate number of fitness conscious Americans consist of older people who are responding to doctor suggestions, or simply have more free time.

While it is good news that half of Americans are prioritizing their health, it is unfortunate that only 20.7 percent of Americans between 25 and 64 meet the minimum weekly exercise guidelines. Of course, there could be a number of reasons for this, but you can bet that career and family are among the most common obstacles preventing so many folks from prioritizing their health.

Contrary to popular stereotypes about health and exercise, Baby Boomers account for the largest portion of health conscious Americans than any other age group. Granted, greater numbers of them are retiring each year, and no longer have children at home; so they, naturally, have more time to exercise and read recent health news articles today than do younger Americans. Regardless, all Americans need to be making wiser choices, setting aside time for exercise, and being conscious of general health tips.

Today, the immediacy of the internet caters to the lifestyles of busy people, and there seem to be new health and wellness blogs all the time. And it is easy to subscribe to health news feeds to receive the most recent health news articles each day. Being informed about the importance and manageability of health and exercise can be particularly inspiring to people who think they do not have time for exercise. Basically, the most recent health news articles offer myth dispelling facts regarding the inconvenience and time commitment required to lead healthier lifestyles.

Although people think that their lives are too busy to live healthier, the fact is it that healthy meals take no longer than preparing less healthy meals. Furthermore, an appropriately rigorous exercise routine takes no more time to complete than it does to watch a half hour comedy; and it certainly takes much less time than the average person spends browsing social media pages.

It is impossible to deny that the average working American has limited time for taking care of themselves; but they have more free time than they think. The biggest difference between developing and maintaining healthy habits and living less healthy lifestyles has much more to do with how people spend their free time, than the amount of time committed to work, family, and other responsibilities.

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