Hair Loss Can Ruin Your Self-Esteem Why You Should Talk To A Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair loss is a frustrating issue. It’s not just highly noticeable, but seems impossible to cure on your own.

Diet changes don’t seem to work quickly enough. Over-the-counter specialized shampoos seem to do little. When you feel low on options, visiting a hair transplant clinic will finally yield you some results you can count on. Millions of American adults today struggle with hair loss in some form or another, with only a few able to reverse it. Should you be in the market for a good hair transplant option, you’ll want to continue reading below.

Hair loss, just like any other physical health problem, can be narrowed down and resolved with the aid of a professional.

Genetics Are A Common Cause Of Hair Loss

Before you learn about the benefits of a hair transplant clinic, let’s take a look at what causes hair loss in the first place. Genetics is frequently the root issue — studies have shown premature hair loss can run in the family, particularly if you have several family members who have dealt with this in the past. The United States alone is home to 35 million men enduring some form of hair loss as we speak. This is not an issue exclusive to men, however. Many a female hair loss specialist has had to offer adult women reliable hair growth methods.

Stress Can Also Cause Your Hair To Fall Out

You might be wondering what else can contribute to rapid hair loss. Stress can be a factor (with chronic stress a rampant issue that comes with several health problems). According to studies provided by the Mayo Clinic there are three separate types of hair loss that can caused by high levels of stress. If you suspect this is your root cause, talking with a professional at a hair transplant clinic is key. They can provide you not just an accurate diagnosis, but a viable means of reversing this trend and getting you your head of hair back.

Male Pattern Baldness Is Very Common In America

Alongside genetics and high rates of stress you have male pattern baldness, a widely known issue that often gets worse with age. Androgenetic Alopecia — or common male pattern baldness — accounts for more than 90% of hair loss in adult men. By the time they reach the age of thirty-five two-thirds of American men today will have some degree of hair loss. By the time they’re 50 years old this will rise to 85%. It’s estimated half of a man’s hair will be gone before it starts becoming visible. Many will try to use over-the-counter products to counteract this, which usually prove futile.

FUSS Is Slowly Falling Out Of Favor As A Hair Transplant Option

In your research on hair loss you might have come across FUSS, or ‘follicular unit strip surgery’. This involves taking a strip of scalp from a non-balding area and removing it surgically, placing it in incisions along the balding area. This is considered an invasive surgery with a high complication rate, falling out of favor for having lesser results and a higher risk of scars. You shouldn’t be looking in the short-term when reversing hair loss, but even further into the future. There are better methods out there ready and waiting to give you your confidence back.

FUE Is Minimally Invasive And Offers Results That Last For Years

Your hair transplant clinic will have much better options available. Whereas FUSS lives up to its acronym, FUE is widely considered to be the best way to reverse hair loss today. Short for ‘follicular unit extraction’ (and sometimes ‘follicular transfer’), this is one of the primary methods of gathering groups of hair and redirecting them. Natural groupings can have as many as seven or eight hairs in a single graft. FUE is praised for its low complication rate, elimination of unsightly scars, and shorter recovery time.

Your hair transplant clinic can talk you through the best scalp micropigmentation if you’re searching for something slightly different. Either way, you’ll have sound options when you visit your hair clinic Los Angeles location.

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