Getting Your Life Back With the New Generation of Hearing Aids


Hearing loss is a very common problem, but it?s also one that people are very reluctant to face. That?s partly because it occurs gradually and the sufferer may not be aware of the problem. Further, traditional hearing aids have been cumbersome and ineffective, and people are reluctant to go that route. However, the dangers to daily living from hearing loss are so great that anyone who suspects that they?re not hearing well as they should ought to set up a hearing evaluation. The new generation of hearing aids can help manage the condition so that people with hearing loss can live active and full lives.

Hearing loss is a very common problem
As many 40 million Americans, of all ages and from all walks of life, suffer from some level of hearing loss. Hearing loss can result from many factors: exposure to loud noises at home or work, illness, trauma, accidents and more. As many as 26 million Americans between the ages of 20 and 69, or 15% of that demographic, suffer from high frequency hearing loss.
Hearing loss also happens with age, and by the time they are 65 years old, one of three people have some degree of hearing loss. In children, hearing impairment can affect school work and social activity. It can also be dangerous since it makes it harder to hear and respond to alarms and even traffic noises.

Not your grandparents? hearing aids
Many people are reluctant to admit even to themselves that they can?t hear as well as they should. That?s because we have memories of the cumbersome and ineffective that our grandparents used to hate to wear.
But hearing aids today are far removed from those old fashioned models that were really not much good for anything except to provide material for comedians? jokes.
Hearing aids nowadays are customized for each wearer and even for specific activities like talking on the phone or watching television. The first step in getting fitted for hearing aids is to have a hearing evaluation. This can open the way to getting your life back.

Hearing aids at work and leisure
Over ten million people in the U.S. wear hearing aids. Most people find that once they have had their hearing evaluation and been fitted with a customized hearing device, their lives change for the better. They will see an implement in their job performance and communication skills. They will experience a sense of greater control over their lives, and even improve their earning potential.
Restoring hearing also helps to restore your social life. People will find that they can pick up the phone and talk to friends and family, go out for concerts or just a walk in the park without experiencing the sense of emptiness that goes with hearing loss. They will be surprised at the difference that wearing even a small invisible hearing aid can make.

Hearing loss can be both restrictive and dangerous. The first step in getting fitted with a custom hearing device is to have a hearing evaluation and test. The new generation of hearing aids can help to restore hearing and the world of normal activity and work.

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